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In the next decade, over 1 billion young people will enter the job market. Among them are over 50% of Africa's graduates who are not ready for the employment market as per the Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA, 2013). Various surveys of employers on ‘Education to Employment’ indicate that lack of employee skill continue to be the leading reason for existence of entry level vacancies with a projection of 86m job vacancies by McKinsey & Company.

There thus exist a double edged problem of job-seeking graduates and skill-seeking employers who are constantly mismatched. TheBridgeAfrica addresses the lack of employable skills among graduates and shortage of entry level skill among employers through a co-training model.

TheBridgeAfrica delivers 6 weeks of work readiness training by setting up Career Resource Centers (CRCs) in universities alongside employers and professional associations. We provide graduates with career development planning (CDP) and access to mentors drawn from the Mandela Washington Fellows. TheBridgeAfrica exposes graduates to the world of work through our employer partnership model.

We treat this as transition from School-to-Work problem thus also addressing the core issue of insufficient engagement between educators and employers. We therefore provide a platform on which employers and educators step into each other’s world.


More About The Bridge

The project complements academic instruction by deploying a host of preparation tools majorly Training, Mentorship and Early Market Contact through Career Resource Center framework. The CRCs will be modeled in a UK-USA hybrid version to prepare the graduates. In the CRCs mock interviews, case studies, psychometric tests and job simulations will be conducted. Participants will also get interviews and feedback from HRs and recruiters in their industry of employers of choice. The project will benefit from mentorship by the Mandela Fellows and market experts volunteering as coaches in the project.


Our Journey

The Vision: A champion of competency based learning tools for entry level workforce in Africa.The Mission: To assemble workforce development tools and industry players for market ready status of East African graduates.

Our philosophy is sure and solid! As an intervention on the Education-to-Employment highway, we believe that, Education providers and employers must actively step into one another’s worlds. Employers and education providers must work with the students EARLY and INTENSELY.


Our Leadership

TheBridgeAfrica Board Members


Mr. Ndirangu is a leader in workforce development; a consultant in strategy and training with cross-industry experience across the retail, banking, insurance and consumer good sectors. He is accredited as a key resource person in capability development by authorities in Kenya. Ndirangu serves as the Lead Trainer. He is Mandela Washington Fellow -2015, a writer and mentor.


Ms. Wanjohi is dedicated to supporting our customers and clients. She has a wealth of industry specific client relationship knowledge, a background in both above the line and below the line marketing and project management. She has a bachelor's degree in Arts in Economics from Kenyatta University.


Ms. Faith is the CFO at Barefoot Power - Africa Region, with over 5 years of experience in finance from the non-profit and for-profit private sectors. Faith brings her experience in setting up organizational structures and systems and financial management of grants for maximum development impact. Faith is a founder of Dalah Ventures and Mandela Washington Fellow - 2015


We believe that working with employers is the only way we can get graduates “Across the finish line" Our relationship is based the evidence that how employers work with education providers is reflected on their success in hiring.

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